Miami Art Season – 2014

Dec. 1st, 2014 – Exhibit Night, beginning at 7pm, premiered its first annual Miami Art Season Fine Art Social at Shake-A-Leg Miami as part of its ongoing mission to produce high-concept events that free art from the traditional gallery experience and encourage social responsibility. This yearly event inaugurating Art Basel Week carries a name that alludes to the annual excitement and anticipation that surround both Art Basel and Miami’s Hurricane Season.

The Artwork displayed was showcased at Shake-A-Leg Miami’s picturesque 3rd Floor Bayside Terrace. Shake-A-Leg Miami is a world recognized outdoor sailing destination that serves persons of all abilities while striving to provide a higher level of freedom for those with disabilities as well as those belonging to other high risk demographics. Jennifer White, Shake-A-Leg’s Director of Development and a survivor of ten years debilitating effects caused by Spinal Meningitis, attested “We all have our disabilities” but freedom from these is first achieved through self-love. Hence, the show was many ways a testament to the sort of perseverance that strength of self can inspire in the face of nature’s sometimes harsh opposition to human will.

The work displayed, which was all created by local Miami Artists, shared a common ‘Man vs. Nature’ theme. Featured visual artists included Bridges Aderhold, Eleazar Delgado, Matt Stock, and Tanya Yvette. Proceeds from admission and art sales benefited Shake-A-Leg’s mission to use the marine environment to improve the health, education, and independence of people with disabilities, disadvantaged youth, and their families.

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