Feb. 21st, 2015 – The New World Symphony lets go of the reins on classical music spectatorship in their highly popular event held but twice a year. Feb. 21st, from 9pm to 1am, visitors enjoyed a wildly new way of appreciating symphonic sound. Orchestral performances blended with electronic mixing, by the acclaimed DJ Laura, in a volley that increasingly diverged from tradition. Finally, the celebration culminated into a split between syles, as the large performance hall turned strictly dancehall. Meanwhile intimate, classical performances continued in a smaller, but no less inviting, concert space. Guests enjoyed the unique flexibility for making the night their own as they chose among the various inspired areas.


A night like this truly couldn’t come to life in a more appropriate venue. Architect Frank Gehry’s forms, which are at once structured yet unanticipated retain melodic union. Small crowds organically collected in various alcoves  – each within throwing distance from refreshment service. Patrons pooled downstairs, rested at annexed landings, mingled on the rooftop terrace, or moved in transition between spaces. The New World Symphony building is a mosaic of space not to be missed, and while the perspectives this night were individual, the experience was shared.


When the clock struck 9.30, all began to flow into the main auditorium. The crowd mingled jovially sipping its libation, surrounded by beams of teal and fuscia light that fragmented the air. The orchestra assumed its position and engaged its instruments, as the ambient color palette changed from cool to warm golden with streaks of green. Projected images of carved, Victorian forms moved in transition beyond the musicians, decorating the building as their backdrop. Throughout the evening, hazy beams of light oscillated between prismatic colors that reflected each performances mood. Together, the visuals and the music lent meaning to one another.

Later, a fervent and deliberate musical tone was set against WWII imagery, which periodically gave way to the names of Russian luminaries such as Kandinsky. As the evening progressed, musicians began to perform unexpectedly from two balconies, further engaging the audience in a journey of discovery. Pixilated images were screened in the style of Lichtenstein.

Yet, while the multi-sensory stimuli at Pulse, called upon historic references, they remained faithful to the present. Pulse is much like a contemporary, creative train running through time, engaging its passengers in an energetic and vibrant story.


For those interested in the “here” and “now,” the experiential language of Pulse will not disappoint! As attendees departed they passed an exterior screen, just outside of The New World Symphony entrance. The audience was bid ‘adieu’ by a display of windows that floated across an open sky. These panes were like the “looking glasses of perception,” tilted and angled – each occupying its own plane is space. The video called upon the departing visitors to reflect – as one inevitably would. All that leave Pulse leave transformed!

Check the New World Symphony’s Calendar of Events periodically to see when the next twice-a-year Pulse performance will be held!

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