Bridges Aderhold

Bridges Aderhold

Bridges Aderhold is an established commercial photographer within the world of haute couture as well as an artistic photographer and the owner of GAB Studio in Wynwood. His style may be described as succulently raw, highly detailed and subtly theatrical with a hint of pop.

Eleazar Delgado


Eleazar Delgado is the creator of rooftop mural, Seagrasses over Miami, which mesmerizes and delights thousands of daily commuters and residents in downtown Miami. Eleazar has received numerous awards from associations such as Dade Heritage Trust, Miami Dade Preservation League, History Miami, and the Miami Short Film Festival. His work incorporates vibrant colors and patterns and often centers on the themes of natural conservation and the preservation of Miami culture and history.

Matt Stock


Matt Stock, an award winning fine art photographer and photography teacher at The Ransom Everglades School, utilizes a unique style of vivid coloring and heightened definition that accentuate his passions for science and art he calls Painting with Light in the Dark®. Some of Matt’s significant accomplishments include: recognition as one of five experts in night photography by Shutterbug Magazine in their 2014 annual Expert Photography Techniques Magazine, previous collaboration with Raw Beauty, presenting as a guest speaker at TEDx Coconut Grove, an Honorable Mention in the International Photography Awards Photography Masters Cup, and the first U.S. photographer awarded Artist in Residency at the Palm Beach Photographic Center.

Tanya Yvette

Tanya Yvette

Fine Art Instructor and the Director of Paint Atelier, Tanya Yvette, trained at the nation’s oldest museum and school, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. After moving to Florida from Philadelphia, her classical style has become influenced by the contemporary, colorful, and vivacious Miami spirit. Tanya’s work frequently serves the purposes of telling educational narratives and supporting social advocacy.

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